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Is this a weight loss program?

A Life Unlimited Program focuses on habits ranging from mindset, fitness, nutrition, and personal development. Will you lose weight? Absolutely. But the goal behind the program goes far beyond that. We want to truly help you create a lifestyle that you can implement into your life everyday, for the rest of your life.

What does the program cost?

Program costs depend on the level of support that you need, which we will determine in our first call together. This process is intended to be the last program you will ever need and the cost reflects that level of impact, as well as the level of time and attention my coaches and I dedicate to you and your success. The decision to commit financially is the first step in believing that you’re worth It, and that you MATTER. You must be ready to financially invest in yourself for this to be effective. You can expect the financial commitment to be a low-mid 4 figure investment. Some people pay this upfront, others do payment plans with us, or opt for third-party financing.

How does the process work and what is required of me?

Over the course of 6-12 months we (myself and the other Limitless support staff) slowly turn the dial so the lifestyle changes don’t feel so overwhleming, and we incorporate things step by step, at YOUR pace to ensure that you not only achieve your goals, but that you do it in a way that's sustainable. You are included in the Limitless Legion group chat for guidance, motivation, and accountability. You may schedule a 1-1 with your coach anytime you need some extra support.Y our deliverables such as workouts, meal plans, and personalized habits and goals are all delivered through the Limitless Athletics app.

What fitness equipment is needed?

You can start your program with absolutely no equipment at all if that's what you have. We completely build the program for your schedule, your fitness level, and whatever equipment you have access to.

What age & fitness level is this program for?

This process is for anyone age 18-99. Because of the baby step, progressive approach, this program is for anyone that wants to improve their health, physical strength, and confidence.