Personalized Coaching for True Transformation

Guidance that evolves with your progress. Your transformation is a journey, and we'll be with you every step of the way. Our personalized coaching adapts to your evolving needs, ensuring your long-term success.

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Coaching Program Details

  • Learn how to fuel your body in a way that allows for efficient and permanent fat loss, and ultimately, live life on your terms while achieving the body you desire

  • Understand why social events, alcohol, family dinners, date nights, and foods you enjoy are actually a hugely  important part of the process

  • Know the exact amount of flexibility you could enjoy based on your goals and personal preferences

Simply put.. if your body doesn't look the way you want it to look right now, it means you haven't found the right plan... yet.

But we build it all out for you, and for YOU specifically.

This isn't A program.. this is YOUR program. Built for your life, with your preferences, needs, goals and everything else at the forefront.

Let's create your Life Unlimited.



We LOVE our clients!

There’s nothing better than watching a client transform inside and out by using this program.

We personalize every single aspect of it to ensure the best results for you specifically. Whenever you decide to venture out on your own, our goal is to make sure that you have all the knowledge and skills necessary to not only maintain the results you’ve achieved, but continue working towards your life, unlimited

★ ★ ★ ★

"I have been with Limitless since Oct 2014. I have felt better at 37 years old then I have EVER felt!!! They know their stuff!!!! Every week there’s new exercises that get muscles I never knew I had;)!!! I have more energy and feel so much stronger!! Thanks for making me an #athlete""

Brooke C.

★ ★ ★ ★

"I started working with Kayla about 6 months ago. I quickly learned how invested she is in each individual client she has. Kayla has supported me not only physically, but also emotionally. She is sensitive to my struggles but also challenges and pushes my limits just enough to keep me motivated to keep going and work hard. Without a doubt, I would recommend Life Unlimited Coaching to anyone who wants the support and motivation to improve both physically and mentally."

Linsey K

"Kayla is amazing! From my very first visit with Kayla I knew I had found a wonderful coach I felt safe, challenged and confident in her instruction and knowledge. Kayla has always been there for me, if I’m discouraged she talks me through it and helps me put things into perspective. If I’m unsure of my abilities she is my biggest cheerleader and believes in me more than I do.When I’ve had victories she has been right there to celebrate with me and help me to set additional goals. I whole heartedly recommend Kayla, and the Life Unlimited team. They have helped me change my life."b voluptate id quam harum ducimus cupiditate similique quisquam et deserunt, recusandae. here

”I have been working with the Life Unlimited team through their app for 3 weeks now. I am down 10 pounds. More importantly my eating habits have improved. I don’t feel like I am on a diet. I haven’t felt deprived or like I have to go without. I’m just being more aware of what I’m eating or how much I’m eating. I love that when I went to the zoo with my family I didn’t feel tired or ready to leave after 30 minutes. I am not a morning person but have noticed that getting up isn’t nearly as bad because I feel like I’ve slept better and have more energy. All this after only 3 weeks. More energy, better sleep, and down 10 pounds. I’m excited to see what another 3 weeks will bring. Thank you Kayla for helping me get off the couch and back to being active in living my life.“

-Amy S

“Since I joined Kayla and Kiera with the #limitlesslifestylelegion in December, I've lost 14.5 lbs and 15.5 inches. And that's with Christmas in there! But much more than that, I'm learning what my body needs to lose the extra weight. It's not some crash diet, MLM, supplement city - it's a lifestyle change and the real deal. I've learned sooooooo much about my mindset and what I need to change to become a better person. I'm amazed at how much mindset effects our health!”

-Erin S.

“Its the end of month 2 of working with Kayla and I seriously can not believe just how far I've come already! I've tried a lot of different things that do work for awhile but because it's not a lifestyle I can keep up I sadly end up gaining all the weight back. I can 100% say its been a completely different story this time around. My body is changing but most importantly my mindset is completely different! I've learned to understand my body and what works for me! Its a lifestyle that is EASY to keep up! I'm creating a habit that is not only effecting me but my family as well! Im overly grateful for Kayla, she has helped me build my confidence and self esteem back up. My new motto is "the numbers don't matter its how you feel inside that does!" I feel phenomenal and for once I actually really do feel proud of myself. “

-Shelby E

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Is this a weight loss program?

A Life Unlimited Program focuses on habits ranging from mindset, fitness, nutrition, and personal development. Will you lose weight? Absolutely. But the goal behind the program goes far beyond that. We want to truly help you create a lifestyle that you can implement into your life everyday, for the rest of your life.

What does the program cost?

Program costs depend on the level of support that you need, which we will determine in our first call together. This process is intended to be the last program you will ever need and the cost reflects that level of impact, as well as the level of time and attention my coaches and I dedicate to you and your success. The decision to commit financially is the first step in believing that you’re worth It, and that you MATTER. You must be ready to financially invest in yourself for this to be effective. You can expect the financial commitment to be a low-mid 4 figure investment. Some people pay this upfront, others do payment plans with us, or opt for third-party financing.

How does the process work and what is required of me?

Over the course of 6-12 months we (myself and the other Limitless support staff) slowly turn the dial so the lifestyle changes don’t feel so overwhleming, and we incorporate things step by step, at YOUR pace to ensure that you not only achieve your goals, but that you do it in a way that's sustainable. You are included in the Limitless Legion group chat for guidance, motivation, and accountability. You may schedule a 1-1 with your coach anytime you need some extra support.Y our deliverables such as workouts, meal plans, and personalized habits and goals are all delivered through the Limitless Athletics app.

What fitness equipment is needed?

You can start your program with absolutely no equipment at all if that's what you have. We completely build the program for your schedule, your fitness level, and whatever equipment you have access to.

What age & fitness level is this program for?

This process is for anyone age 18-99. Because of the baby step, progressive approach, this program is for anyone that wants to improve their health, physical strength, and confidence.